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Wing Chun Black Sash Academy

If you are at least 13 years of age, you may join our popular program – Wing Chun Black Sash Academy.

Wing Chun Warrior Kids Academy

If you are under 13 years of age, you may join our Wing Chun Warrior Kids Academy, which fun while learning to prepare for whatever it takes for your future.

Wing Chun Professional Weekend Academy

Busy professionals and not much time on your side, then this class is for you. Once a week and learn on your own paste.

Wing Chun Private Lessons

If you are interested in getting personal attention, private lessons may work best for you. Talk to one of our senior students or our sifu for details.

Wing Chun Women Self-Defense Courses

If you are interested in our Wing Chun Women Self-Defense courses, please contact us for details. Currently, we offer 3 different courses: 1 week, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks. After completion, you will be awarded with the certificate of completion with our most world recognized IP MAN Wing Chun School’s Seal and Stamp under Wing Chun Temple.

Mediation Meetup Group

Wing Chun Temple on a monthly basis, we offer a free meditation class to individuals who want to get into mediation to combating stress and personal issues. Please contact us for details. This is part of our giving back to our community and to promote Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity, and Harmony. Together we can make this world better than we found it.

What People Are Saying

 a month ago
This is a great place to learn authentic Wing Chun directly under Yip (Ip) Man lineage. Every time I would visit I feel welcomed by the instructor there. He’s a down to Earth guy and taught me a lot in so little time when I would visit. I would refer anyone to this school. It helps me physically and spiritually. Please go visit especially during Class hours!

Fearless Dragonoflb, Long Beach

 a week ago
As professional martial artist (wushu/kungfu) I highly recommend Wing Chun Temple. It is the best and most authentic place to learn authentic pure Wing Chun! Best lineage and customs are preserved there. I had the honor to be invited to do few masterclasses at the Wing Chun Temple and my experience was wonderful: beautiful people, great atmosphere, pure energy !

Victor Migalchen, Wushu Master

 a year ago
I have been honored by Master Clark Tang to say a few words about a great school of martial art and spiritual discipline. The Wing Chinese temple is one of few that can claim lineage to Master Ip Man and his direct disciples and the true teaching continue there. So I highly recommend a visit, as it is truly worthy of the name temple of beautiful springtime!

Anothony Colden, Shaolin Temple 

“Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Sed molestie, velit ut eleifend sollicitudin, neque orci tempor nulla, id sagittis nisi ante nec arcu. Fusce porta bibendum convallis. Morbi fringilla sollicitudin scelerisque.”

David Cole, Monarch

Something to Think About

Imagine the possibilities of locking yourself through this Ancient art of Wing Chun. Most martial artists speak about self-empowerment, enlightenment, self-confident, self-improvement, and etc… Endless Possibilities…

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