Wing Chun Temple offers two types of Chinese Kung Fu Classes:

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Tai Chi Kung Fu

Wing Chun Black Sash Academy

Wing Chun Black Sash Academy is our core academy that focuses on traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu under Ip Man lineage.

Tuesday – Thursday at 7:30pm

Kung Fu Kids Academy

For kids under 13 years of age who want to learn basic kung fu, self-defense, and prepare for Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Tuesday – Thursday at 7:00pm

Wing Chun Weekend

Perfect for busy individuals who want to learn on weekends at an affordable membership fees. Meet once per weekend and learn independently during the week.

Sunday at 10:30am

Tai Chi Kung Fu Class

Learn Tai Chi Kung Fu with Master Victor Migalchan

It’s my privilege and honor for my dearest Kung Fu brother Master Victor Migalchan to be part of the history making and the journey of WING CHUN TEMPLE.
Master Victor is currently hold an international championship title, and won numerous Tai Chi and Wu Shu competitions around the world.
Besides expert in Chinese Martial Arts, Master Victor is proficient in Chinese Mandarin language and Chinese Culture, a part-time actor and fighting choreographer in many short films TV series and big screen, and the most of all, Master Victor has a big heart and so humble when it comes to martial arts.
I am so proud and privileged to have him as my Kung Fu brother and a life long journey to promote the “Goodness” of Martial Arts for Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity and Harmony as stated by our Sifu GM Wong Long Ching of the Vision and the Mission of WING CHUN TEMPLE.
Starting this coming SUNDAY, Master Victor will be leading Tai Chi classes, later Wu Shu classes, Chinese language, Chinese Culture including Chinese Calligraphy and more exciting activities for better Body, Mind and Spiritual Cultivation.

Sunday at 9:00am – 11:00am