Can anyone learn Wing Chun?

Anyone, regardless of her or his age and physical capabilities, can learn Wing Chun. For example, one practitioner was a disable individual on the wheelchair but he still can practice Wing Chun within his limitations. On another hand, a very powerful practitioner like Bruce Lee can utilize Wing Chun to be his advantages by using concepts and principles of Wing Chun to be an explosive fighter as well as the most influential in martial arts world.

Most people believe that martial arts is about kicking ass, street fighting, and self-defense; however, martial arts is not always about that, it’s one aspect of martial arts. When talking about self-defense, most people understand as to physical self-defense, that is when someone is trying to harm you physically and using martial arts to defend yourself. What about when someone or other forces is trying to harm you mentally and spiritually? Martial arts, especially Wing Chun as too many years of learning and cultivating, one can defend herself or himself mentally and spiritually as well by tapping into another realm of defensive mechanism through self-control and mediation.

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