WING CHUN TEMPLE was found and established in 2012 by a long life dedicated martial artist. It came to life by the Enlightenment and the Inspiration of the Universal Truth with an Aspiration of the Beauty and the Supremacy of the Art – WING CHUN.

The Concept of Wing Chun Temple

The founder of Wing Chun Temple believes that through the practice of this great art called, Wing Chun, and an understanding of Chinese culture, which including the study of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism, the founder has a vision, as a human being, one can ultimately achieve Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity and Harmony.

The fundamental and the foundation of Wing Chun Temple are Health as of physical being, Wisdom as to be mindful of learning, and Spirituality as to be the highest form of achievement.

Wing Chun Kung Fu has these elements installed it in by perpetually improving and cultivating the Body, the Mind and the Spirit, striving to balance these elements.

Wing Chun Temple provides Wing Chun Kung Fu under IP MAN lineage and the study of Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism to improve and to balance our Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Ip Man

ip-man-portrait-sqGrandmaster Ip Man was the first to be responsible for bringing the art of Wing Chun to the public and the teacher of Bruce Lee, Sifu Grandmaster Wong Long Ching and many other famous Wing Chun practitioners around the world.

Wong Long Ching

Sifu Grandmaster Wong Long Ching is the student of Grandmaster Ip Man, the older Kung Fu brother of Bruce Lee, the last Wing Chun teacher of Sifu Clark Tang and presides and overseas Wing Chun Temple that is still alive and still practicing Wing Chun until today at the age of nearly 80 years of age.

Clark Tang

clark-tang-portrait-sqSifu Clark Tang is an enthusiast of martial arts since he was 6 years old until now. He is the founder of Wing Chun Temple, Wing Chun Temple-Wong Long Wing Chun Organization, and disciple of Sifu Grandmaster Wong Long Ching. Sifu Clark Tang has been awarded and honored numerous times as to the contributor to martial arts and martial arts community. In 2016, Sifu Clark Tang was inducted and honored into the USA Hall of Fame as to Wing Chun Grandmaster of the Year and honored and recognized by the Martial Arts History Museum as of “Clark Tang Day” on the 23rd of April 2016. In 2015, Sifu Clark Tang was inducted and honored into the Masters Hall of Fame, the Association of Masters of Black Belt Membership Society, and many other awards and recognitions.

Sifu Clark Tang’s mission is to preserve and pass down the art of Wing Chun to help others as to Wing Chun and martial arts have been helping him since he was growing up. Sifu Clark Tang’s vision, through the art of Wing Chun, anyone can achieve Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity and Harmony.


Wing Chun Temple has many affiliates through out the communities, cities, states, countries and around the world to promote peace, harmony and world peace.