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Wing Chun

Wing Chun is the Chinese Kung Fu that Bruce Lee learned from his teacher Grandmaster Ip Man. Now the legend continues to live through the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun is the way of life!

Wing Chun is our passion here at Wing Chun Temple. Wing Chun Kung Fu is more than just another martial arts style, system or self-defense; it’s a way of life.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is solely based on the fundamental of Concepts and Principles of ideas. And from those ideas, the possibilities are endless…

Sifu Clark Tang with Wing Chun Wooden Dummy(Muk Yan Jong). You can follow Sifu Clark Tang’s Facebook and Instagram links below.

Wing Chun is for Everyone

Anyone can practice Wing Chun even Hong Kong flight attendants. Matter of fact, it’s part of the requirements for every Hong Kong Airline to train Wing Chun.


Wing Chun Temple is the world’s most recognized IP MAN Wing Chun Kung Fu School, according to these great martial artists around the world.


Sifu Clark Tang is the best Wing Chun Sifu and a great friend.

Bob Wall


Wing Chun Temple is the most traditional and authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu school under a great Sifu. Tang Sifu is the most sincere teacher.

Lu Feng

Martial Artist, Hong Kong Super Star , Shaw Brothers

The best place to learn a real Chinese Kung Fu at Wing Chun Temple. 

Lo Meng

Martial Artist, Hong Kong Super Star, Shaw Brothers

I have been honored by Master Clark Tang to say a few words about a great school of martial art and spiritual discipline. The Wing Chinese temple is one of few that can claim lineage to Master Ip Man and his direct disciples and the true teaching continue there. So I highly recommend a visit, as it is truly worthy of the name temple of beautiful springtime!

GM Anthony Colden

Shaolin Temple Grandmaster, Shaolin Temple

Great school and great teacher. I love Wing Chun Temple.

Lady Dragon

Martial Artist, Hong Kong Super Star , Golden Harvest

I have visited Wing Chun Temple many times and, so, have had a good opportunity to observe, firsthand, the kind of Wing Chun being taught there. And having taught Wing Chun myself for 30 years, I am well able to judge the quality of Wing Chun that that school teaches. It is, in a word, a pure and aesthetic Wing Chun handed down to Sifu Clark Tang, Wing Chun Temple’s head instructor, from Grandmaster Wong Long Ching, first generation student of Great Grand Master Ip Man himself. Sifu Clark is a warm and generous teacher, admired and respected by his students. The school itself is very attractive and has ample parking off the main street. If you’re looking for a Wing Chun school it doesn’t get any better than this.

GM Don Fling

Wing Chun Grandmaster , Western Wing Chun Fellowship

The best Kung Fu school in town. My son has been going here more than 6 months and he loves Wing Chun Temple especially Sifu Clark Tang who is the founder that understands the philosophy of Kung Fu. My son now is so disciplined and doing well in school. I recommend anyone to take Kung Fu.

Karen Pan

Mom/Entrepreneur, Beautiful Nails Palace

I have known Sifu Clark Tang for about two decades. You will not find a more motivated and dedicated teacher and instructor than Clark. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking physical, mental, and spiritual development to contact Clark for the details of beginning a journey that will lead to balance in one’s life The ultimate goal that Wing Chun Temple seeks to impart to practitioners can be summed up in one word- balance

Michael Emmett Brady

Economic Professor, Ph.D Economics, California State University, Dominguez Hills

I live pretty far from this place, but it was well worth the drive. they allow a free class to see if this style fit with your persona, awesome!! The Sifu (instructor) down to earth, simple and humble! This is the place to learn Wing Chun! I recommend it 100% you won’t be disappointed, I signed up and the beginning of this journey is awesome!

Vanessa Sosa

Medical Technician, Medical Tech Company

Wing Chun Documentary Videos

These Wing Chun documentary videos were made by real people that explain their perspectives of the art of Wing Chun has an effect of their daily lives.

Wing Chun Documentary

Wing Chun Explained by Actor and Wing Chun Practitioner, Phil Morrison

Our Programs


Wing Chun Black Sash Academy

Wing Chun Warrior Kids Academy

Wing Chun Weekend Academy

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is a unique tool to help practitioners to put what is learned into practical scenarios

Participate in the Community

We participate and share our passion and belief in our community. Wing Chun’s rules of conduct #7 say, “Participate in society – Be moderate and gentle in manners.”

5 Reasons for Wing Chun


Love the art all of your heart and souls, and then you’ll find…


Peace can not be achieved from outwardly but only comes from inwardly. Once you are in peace with yourself, you’ll find out that others are suffering because they don’t have a way to seek peace, and you feel their troublesome.


Therefore, you will feel Compassion for others because we are ONE in Spirit that comes from the Source of Energy.


And then you’ll seek others to share your way so they can too have what you’ve had.


Because you want to see things as it should be, therefore, Harmony is the goal of pure and truth of Energy that flow without any interruption or chaos.






Our Wing Chun Community

Join our Wing Chun IP MAN lineage and family to impact your life and people around you.

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